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 D.Q.A. Guide v.2.04.

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PostSubject: D.Q.A. Guide v.2.04.   D.Q.A. Guide v.2.04. I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2013 10:02 pm

This topic will give you information about all OS Dungeons, Quests and Artifacts in this game, hence the name D.Q.A. Guide.

Recent Update(s) :
- New characters have been added to Nightmare Dungeon : Drow Assassin and Flesh Void.
- All characters in the Nightmare Dungeon now appear in all 3 maps, instead of specific ones.
- Hammer Nomad and Sword Nomad were removed from the Labyrinth Map.
- The character encounter rates in the Nightmare Dungeon and the Labyrinth are updated.

D.Q.A. Legend :

Location : Tells you where you can find a certain place.

Description : Gives you info about the dungeon/quest/area.

Quest Goal : What are the quests and what you need to do to complete them, if given.

Dungeon/Area Element : Tells you what element is the dungeon/area. Example : Fire

Difficultly : Tells you how difficult the dungeon/quest/area is. Goes Easy to Medium to Hard.

Random encounter rate : How high is the chance of a random encounter on a certain dungeon or map. If there are none, it will be marked as N/A.

Characters encounters : Tells you what characters you can encounter on the maps. They have their own ratings, similar to the other guide : Red (High Chance) Yellow (Average Change) Green (Low Chance) Blue (Very Low Chance) and Pink (Extremely Low Chance)

Treasure chest rate : Works like random encounter rates, except you have to be in a specific spot, where the chest symbol is or marking in most cases. If there are none, it will marked as N/A.

Boss : These chars are usually found at the end of a dungeon, area or map. they are stronger than normal enemies.

Rewards : What are the spoils you get upon completing the dungeon/quest/area.

Dungeon/Quest/Area tips : Helpful for completing dungeons/quests/areas.

Boss tips : Helpful for defeating bosses.

Dungeon Symbols (For the Labyrinth only) : 

Demon Head : Where the boss is located.

Treasure Chest : Where the treasure chests are located, use the explore button to find them.

Dungeon and Quest Maps

The Labyrinth

Map 1

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Map 2

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Map 3

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : Solace (Talk to the NPC Martha on the far right)

Description : While in the town of Solace, you come across an elderly woman named Martha, who is the mother of a warrior girl named Sonja. She tells you that her daughter went into the Minotaur's Labyrinth in order to search for treasure, but Sonja hasn't come back for days, Martha fears that her daughter has been captured by the Minotaur or worse... It's up to you to fight your way through the Labyrinth and save Sonja from the grip of the savage and lustful beast.

Quest Goal : Rescue the captive from the Boss Minotaur!

Difficultly : Medium-Hard

Dungeon element : Earth

Random encounter rate : Average

Treasure chest rate : Low

Characters encounters in this area :

Stone Knight : High
Stone Assassin : High
Earth Nomad : Average
Earth Apprentice : Average
Earth Wizard : Average
DarkonDraco : Very Low
Stone Golem : Very Low
Hammer Nomad : Removed (Rare)
Sword Nomad : Removed (Rare)

Boss :
Taurus : Earth Element

Note : Possessing the boss will get you Sonja no matter what. 100% success chance.

Rewards : Sonja (Character) and Character Shop (It has Minotaur for [50000 gold] or [5 SGs] and the Golden Armor Taurus [12 SGs]).

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you buy the Minotaur for 50000 gold and level it up to 20, you can unlock the Black Armor Variant of Taurus and buying the 5 SGs Minotaur and leveling it to 20 will get you the Golden Armor Taurus. There is no difference between the two in terms of cards.

Dungeon tips :

- You start off in one of the three maps. it's randomly generated.

- The characters here have a lot of defense and their attacks hits like a truck, having a character with unblockable attack cards really help in defeating them quickly.

- Be sure to have enough defense to block against cards like Mountain Strike and Combos.

- Avoid using characters with low defense and hp.

- Stone Golem can be found using the explore button where the chests are! (Same with DarkonDraco.)

- Use the explore button on where the treasure chest symbols are to find it, defeating them give about 500+ gold. Be careful though, they're strong.

Boss tips :

- Taurus is very strong, his A.I. is actually pretty good for a boss, he knows when to attack you especially his unblockable attack cards, and his defense is very strong, make sure to keep up the attack with combos and DoT cards, like poison.

- Whatever you do, DO NOT let him build defense especially with his stone walls. Destroy them with strong cards like Fire Ball and Power Flow.

- Having heal cards and defense up to 10 or above really helps you in this fight to stay alive.

- Counters are really helpful as well. For example : If you have a dark element character with void reflection like Revontheus, use two of these. There's a chance that Taurus' A.I. won't know what to do and just keep on charging energy.

Sleeping Wolf Inn's Interior
Quest Available : Rat Problem

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Cellar

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Big Ben (Boss)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : Sleeping Wolf Inn, Talk to Monica (she will give you the quest).

Description : You've arrived inside the Sleeping Wolf Inn, which has just opened up. You meet a Bartender, who is a woman named Monica, a sneevil merchant called Swindel and a spoiled wolf named Hook. Monica asked a favor of you to clean out the rats in her cellar, because her pet wolf is too lazy to clean them out and she doesn't have the gold to pay Swindel for the job (10 000 gold)... She also claimed to have seen a rat with the size of a boar, I guess it's your job as a hero to take care of this problem, No?

Quest Goal : Clean out all the rats inside the cellar!

Difficulty : Easy-Medium

Area Element : Neutral

Random encounter rate : N/A (All rats are found on the map)

Treasure chest rate : N/A (No chests)

Character encounters in this area :

Cellar Rat :

Note : you can't possess any rat.

Boss :
Big Ben : Dark Element

Note : You can't possess the boss after defeating it.

Rewards : Character Shop (it has the Cellar Rat for 250 gold and Big Ben for 500 gold)

Quest tips :

- Not much to say about this area, use click the shield and cross swords to fight the rats, they are rather quick on their feet, so be fast.

- The rats themselves don't do much damage, but watch out for their poison card.

- The Boss, Big Ben, will only appear once all 12 Cellar Rats have been defeated.

- The quest in this area can be either really short or really long depending on your level, avoid doing this if you are level 10 or higher.

Boss Tips :

- Big Ben is basically a bigger, badder, stronger version of the Cellar Rat. He has all the typical dark element moves, safe Void Reflection and Mark of Death. Don't underestimate him though, he knows how to do combos unlike the Cellar Rats...

- If you use DoTs and combos, he should go down quickly, unless you are a higher level.

Undead Dungeon

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : Undead Castle, Center Map, in the southwest.

Description : This castle was once a home for warriors, knights and heroes of all kinds. Now abandoned, the only thing remaining is a dungeon invested with Undead who kills anyone who dares to enter inside its walls. Sounds fun, right?

Quest Goal : Navigate though the Undead Dungeon and defeat the Undead Boss!

Difficultly : Medium

Dungeon Element : Darkness

Random encounter rate : Low

Treasure chest rate : Very Low

Characters ecounters this area :

Axe Skeleton : Average
Blade Skeleton : Average
Crypt Knight : High
Crypt Samurai : Low
Crypt Soldier : Very Low
Crypt Rogue : Low
Degore : Very Low
Skelly Soldier : Very Low
Undead Knight : Low
Undead Squire : Low
Undead Warrior : Very Low
Shadow Priest : Average
Vampire Knight : Average
Maggot : High
Greater Maggot : High
Dire Maggot : High
Bat : Average

Boss :
Arch Lich : Neutral Element

Note : A Bat or a Degore may appear in the boss room instead of the Lich sometimes, but they don't become any stronger. However, after killing them, you will be send back to the start of the dungeon.

Reward : Possessed Version of the Arch Lich

Note : This possessed version of the Arch Lich is a dark element character.

Dungeon Tips :

- It's the first free to explore dungeon! Use the explore button while standing on the said location, to go inside the dungeon.

- Use the explore button while inside the rooms (the rectangles) in the dungeon to find characters. Be warn though, not all rooms are exploreable.

CORRECTION : All rooms are explorable, but they ARE a few hot spots which make certain characters appear more than they should. Explore the rooms and see which is best for hunting that character you want.

- Don't bother using SGs on these characters after defeating them as their possess rate is pretty high, you'll most likely succeed on the first try.

Boss Tips :

- The Boss Arch Lich has the exact same deck of the Boss Fiend of Vergil, the only difference I've seen was a 12 attack card. It is recommend that you use a character with lots of defense cards such as Ice Wall, Stone Wall or Iron Hide.

- The Arch Lich rarely does combos higher than 2 hits, but tends to use Corruption a lot ... (mostly at the beginning of the fight) counter this with your own stackable DoTs.

Nightmare Dungeon

Map 1

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Map 2

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Map 3 (No Bosses)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : Solace (Talk to Oblivion on the far left)

Description : A mysterious fiend named Oblivion appears before you with a giant gate by his side. He seems to know you quite well, no matter what body in Oversoul you take. You are not quite sure why, but does it really matter? Oblivion tells you that he was sent by someone called The Old One to give you a challenge given only to the strongest heroes. The Nightmare Gateway leads to a Dungeon Of Terrors you cannot foresee, most have met their end accepting the challenge and died. Can you survive this Nightmare or will you perish like the rest?

Quest Goal : Navigate through the Nightmare Dungeon and defeat the boss(es)!

Difficulty : Hard

Dungeon Element :
Main : Darkness
Sub : Fire

Random encounter rate : High

Treasure chest rate : Low

Characters encounters in this area :

Shadow Acolyte : High
Burn Mage : High
Crypt Samurai : Low
Shadow Pikeman : Low
Overfiend Blade : Low
Blood Ranger : Low
Shadow Void : Low
Templar : Low
Drow Assassin : Low
Flesh Void : Low
Cupidtheus : Rare

Bosses :
Witchblade Boss : Neutral Element
Fiend of Vergil Boss : Neutral Element
Storm Knight Boss : Neutral Element

Note : May require multiple attempts to fight the one you want.

Rewards : Possessed Version Of Witchblade OR Fiend of Vergil OR Storm Knight (Storm Trainee)

Note : The Possessed Witchblade and Fiend of Vergil are dark element characters. Also, remember that the Storm Knight becomes Storm Squire upon possession, who is a lighting element character...

Dungeon Tips :

- You start off in one of three maps, map 2 is the easiest to navigate compared with map 1. If you're in map 3, you might want to exit it because there is no boss in it, it's not recommend if you wanna grind for bosses.

- Characters with high defense and HPs is a MUST, as the characters you can encounter here have a very good A.I.

- Like in the Labyrinth, avoid using characters with low defense and HPs.

Boss Tips :

~ Witchblade Boss

- I recommend using Neutral Characters with Iron Hide and Counter Attacks against her, she tends to use Death Flow (5 hit combo, 15 damage) after 2 or 3 turns. Be ready for it.

- She has no DoT cards in her deck, but will use 5 or 8 attack cards or even 5 unblockable cards to make up for that, that's where counters or shields are most effective.

- She's the most defensive of the three bosses, break her shields if she builds up any...

~ Fiend of Vergil Boss

- He follows a similar attack pattern, but unlike the Witchblade where she has no DoT card... Fiend has the corruption card. I found Ice Characters to be the most useful against him with their Ice Walls. If you have Ice Orb, don't bother using it... Defense is the key to win against him.

- The good thing about him is that he doesn't have Death Flow, so no need to worry about losing your shields in 2 turns.

~ Storm Knight Boss

- He's the most aggressive of the three, not only he has DoTs like Storm... But also Death Flow and a 12 damage card in his deck! Iron Hide is your best friend against him so neutral characters are recommended, counters are also good.

- He'll rarely do more than 2 hit combos, but he's still really dangerous on his own.

Water Grotto
Quest available : Ways of the Water

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
NPC "???"

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : South Map (Look for two small rocks next to trees)

Description : You've found a secret cave! In here you meet an unknown NPC who is surprised that you've discovered this place, and he wants you to prove your worth by capturing a Water Elemental for a certain "reward"...

Quest Goal : Possess a Water Elemental!

Difficulty : Easy (with SGs) or Medium (without SGs)

Area Element : Water

Random encounter rate : N/A

Treasure chest rate : N/A

Characters encounters in this area :

Fire Bat : High
Cave Zardman : Average
Witch : Low
Veteran Pyre Witch : Low
Master Pyre Witch : Low
Recruit : Low
Merc Recruit : Low
Hammer Nomad : Low
Trainee : Very Low

Note : Use the PvE Button to fight these characters and the characters themselves are similar, if not, EXACTLY the same as the ones in the fire cave.

Boss : N/A

Rewards : Character Shop (It has the Qwaztk for [100 000 gold] or [5 SGs] and Water Tick for [80000 gold] or [5 SGs])

Quest Tip :

- If you have no SGs, just be patient and don't lose your cool when you are trying to capture him.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Be sure to check his shop again every once in a while, he may have new characters.

Orc Fort
Quest Available : Orge Revolt

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : Center Map, Southeast (In the lobby, talk to the NPC Orc Chieftain)

Description : The Orcs continue in their long battle for control over the lands against the Humans and the Ogres. Klunk was the first Ogre to take a stand against the Orcs, he tried to free his people from slavery... And he succeeded. As a result, Klunk was declared King of his people and the Ogres have been raging a war against the Orcs for freedom. You've spoke with the Orc Chieftain in order to gain his and the pack's trust in battle, but he won't do so until you recapture a few of his slaves...

Quest Goal : Capture an Ogre, an Ogre Trapper, an Ogre Maiden and an Ogre Shaman!

Difficultly : Medium

Area Element : Neutral

Random encounter rate : N/A

Treasure chest rate : N/A

Characters encounters this area :

Orc Peon : High
Orc Warrior : High
Axe Zard : Average
Sword Zard : Average
Hammer Zard : Average
Goblin : Low

Note : Use the PvE Button to fight these characters.

Boss : N/A

Reward : Character Shop (It has the Orc Chieftain for 100000 gold)

Quest Tips :

- Using the Character Map Location Guide will be your best option here, if you don't know where to look for the Orges.

- Just be patient and don't lose your cool if you don't find them.

- I suggest avoid using SGs for this quest, the Orges you are looking for usually have a good possess rate.

- Once you get an Orge and evolve it, you'll have to get another one or else you won't get your reward.

- If you are hunting for Ogre Maiden or Ogre Shaman, it is said using a "male" Ogre increases your chances of finding these two. Also, avoid using Orc characters as this presumably decreases your chances of finding a female Orc. I tested that theory myself and it seems to work.

Ogre Encampment
Quest Available : Ogre's Trust

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Location : West Map, Middle Mountains (In the lobby to the NPC Ogre Shaman)

Description : After freeing his people from slavery, King Klunk and his pack of Ogres have began planning an attack at the Orc Fort and taking revenge on their former Orc oppressors in order to be free and rule over the lands! You seek an audience with the king himself, but are unable to due to the Orges being busy planning their attack... Plus, they don't really trust a stranger like you. However, theirShaman has offer you an opportunity to gain their trust by capturing a few Orcs.

Quest Goal : Capture an Orc Rogue, an Orc Raider, an Orc Pillager and a Thrak!

Difficulty : Medium-Hard

Area Element : Earth

Random encounter rate : N/A

Treasure chest rate : N/A

Character encounters in this Area :

Orc Peon : High
Orc Warrior : High
Ogre : Very Low
Ogre Bandit : Very Low
Ogre Trapper : Very Low

Note : Use the PvE Button to fight these characters.

Boss : N/A

Reward : Character Shop (it has the Ogre Mage for 100000 gold)

IMPORTANT NOTE : You must talk to the NPC Klunk to get your reward.

Quest Tips :

- In my opinion, this quest is slightly harder than the one from the Orc Fort, not because of the characters' possess rates, but because of the chances of encountering them... Two of these Orc are very hard to encounter (Orc Rogue and Thrak), I've tested that myself. The good news is that the first three are available via PvE Button in Solace and random encounters everywhere on the map.

- Don't forget to use the other guide, if you don't know where Thrak is.

- Try not to use SGs during your hunt.

More coming up soon!

Soon, Artifacts will join this topic and once they're out, I'll add them here. Please, like the Character Map Location and Gameplay Guide, give me your feedback on how to make this better and help would be greatly appreciated too.

Please post anything related to this topic, anything not related to this topic will be deleted, thank you! ~Scrooge

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D.Q.A. Guide v.2.04.
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