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 Interesting Story You Want To Share!!!!

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PostSubject: Interesting Story You Want To Share!!!!   Interesting Story You Want To Share!!!! I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 6:36 pm

As the title says, tell any interesting stories you have read or your own stories...please keep it short though, we dont want chapters, just a short story that one can read in about 5-10 mins. Heres a version of a story i read.

I was tired from the party and was driving home. The road was dark and there were no lights on the country road. The only light was from my car. The road was completely empty except for my car, which was kind of creepy. I look at the digital clock on the dashboard, it read "12:46". I knew i was sleepy and i only hoped i would not fall asleep while driving. As I was driving, the headlights illuminated a person standing next to the road. As i came closer, i could make out a figure of a young girl, sticking her hand out, attempting to hitchhike. I thought it would be nice to be a gentleman and help her out. As she ran closer to to my stopped car, i realized she had scarlet hair, and she was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. I rolled down the passenger side window.
"Hi, sorry for the trouble but can you drop me off at my house?" The girl asked.
"Sure." I answered. As i said that, the girl opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. I started the car and was back on the road. "I'm Rudy." I said without looking away from the road.
"My name's Charlotte, but you can call me Charlie. I live just a little bit ahead." She stopped talking.
"Where exactly do you live?" I asked.
"Hey what's that?" She said, pointing to the drivers side window. I looked towards the window to find nothing of interest.
"There's nothing there." I said, turning my head towards the passenger seat. To my surprise, the girl was gone and in her place on the passenger seat, was a red scarf with a piece of paper on it. I carefully took the paper and on the paper was written:
"Thank you for helping me. My address is 42 Fairmonte Lane."
As i drove ahead, i saw a street, Fairmonte Lane. I was curious now. I drove to house number 42 and parked my car on the side of the road. I went over to the house and ringed the doorbell. There was no answer for sometime. I thought everyone was asleep as it was late. A Little while later, the lights turned on and a middle-aged man opened the door.
"How can I help you?" The man said.
"Sorry for bothering you but i just had a hitchhiker who said she lived here. Her name was Charlie."As i said that, the mans face turned all serious.
"Is this some kind of a joke." The man seemed angry now.
"No, i mean..." I turned around, ran to my car and got the scarf, then i ran back to the house. As i showed the scarf to the man, he burst into tears.
"This was my daughter's scarf." He said, then he looked up and asked," Where did you get this?"
"Like i said, i just gave a ride to Charlie and she left this scarf when she..." I stopped in midsentance. Until now, i had not realized that she had dissapeared from a moving car."Where is Charlie?" I asked.
"She died 5 years ago." Said the man.

Interesting Story You Want To Share!!!! Coollo10
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Interesting Story You Want To Share!!!!
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